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How it Works

Inconsistent and automatically-generated online valuations are a thing of the past thanks to Sell My Motor Car. Instead, make the most of fair and precise valuations that truly reflect the condition and specification of your car, as well as its vehicle history.

If you’ve kept your car in great nick and looked after it well, then it will pay dividends! We’ll always pay more for a car that’s popular in the marketplace and ticks all of our boxes. You are just a few steps away from potentially selling your car to us today… 

To get started, simply enter your vehicle registration and vehicle mileage into the designated boxes via the Sell Your Car button. We’ll then ask you a few more questions about your car in order to gain a thorough understanding of its condition. Remember, the more detailed information you give us, the better the valuation will be. 

To help us provide you with an accurate and fair valuation of your car, we advise you include the following information:


We’re not a fan of nasty surprises, so if there are any scuffs, dents or scratches on the car’s bodywork or alloys, then describe the current damage so we are already aware of them ahead of seeing your vehicle in person.


Provide us with a detailed description of your car’s service history over the years, including the type of service and where it was carried out. 


Don’t let those optional extras go unnoticed - let us know exactly what factory fitted extras or added features you’ve had on the car, as it could increase the price we can offer. 


Has your car been previously written off? Don’t panic! We can still buy an insurance write-off, but we will need to understand why and when it happened.


If your vehicle has previously been used for trade, or as a taxi or hire car for example, we can still buy it from you. Simply tell us if this is the case so we can understand more. We also buy commercial vehicles too, no matter what the make and model, size, configuration or modifications made. 


Does your car have a mechanical fault? If so, let us know so we can prepare an accurate valuation for your vehicle.    

Once you’ve submitted all the details about your car, we’ll digest all the information and be in touch with a fair and accurate valuation. If you’re happy with the price quoted, we’ll arrange to inspect, collect and pay for the vehicle. It really is that simple.