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Why Choose Us

Sell My Motor Car was set up to provide a car-selling service especially for you, a service that had the convenience you’re looking for, but with the added personal attention to detail your vehicle deserves.

Other car buying companies use online systems to value your car, without even considering the specification or condition of the vehicle. This means if you have a much loved and well looked after car, you’re probably going to get a rough deal which results in a low valuation.  

At Sell My Motor Car, we do things differently. We realise that the best way to provide a fair and accurate valuation of your car, is to ensure real people make the decisions on the value of your car - not an automated machine. This is why when you enter your vehicle details into our online valuation form, you won’t get an instant price - but we do promise to be as quick as possible! 

We want to make sure you get the best price possible for your car, so it usually takes anywhere from an hour up to 24-hours to generate your valuation. Of course it all depends on how much information you give us about the vehicle - the better the details, the more beneficial a quote we can give you.

We will always stand by the valuation price offered to you and once accepted, we’ll transfer the funds instantly into your account. If you have outstanding finance on the vehicle to be settled, we’ll also transfer the money in a similarly quick and efficient manner.  

Do you have a private number plate on your vehicle? No problem! We’ll also deal with all the relevant paperwork too - that’s one less thing for you to worry about. 

Why not give us a try; you’re never under any obligation to take our offer once the valuation process has begun. Click on the Sell Your Car button to get started today.